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211 Steps is a symbiosis of online games and physical space. The app allows you to influence, decide, and show your best in a new way. Be just an observer or co-writer of the story. Immerse yourself in the experience in different locations. And feel more than those who are not here.

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The app allows everyone to be both a spectator, a director and a hero of history. In your hands now virtual space and real opportunities. How do you use them?

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Geolocation becomes your guide to an alternative life. Unique tasks and hitherto unknown points appear on familiar routes. Do you want to add your own?

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Virtual reality coexists with the physical world 24/7 in your phone. What mood do you want to plunge into today? What role will you choose for yourself next?

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Do you want to create your own project? It's easy!

Do you want to create your own project? It's easy!
  • First Step

    Run the 211 Steps online editor to build a soundtrack.

  • Second Step

    Place the finished project in the application in front of an already interested audience.

  • Third Step

    Monetize the experience in a new reality - where each user has the power of choice and influence.

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